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President's Message

We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage of the Poyraz Group's products and services. Over the decades, the Poyraz Group has succeeded in maintaining steady growth. It is our customers, our employees, and all those involved who have made this possible.

Our philosophy has always centred on our belief that customers should be treated in a fair and balanced manner. Thus, we endeavour to make Fair Dealing a core practice in everything we do – from the way we conduct our business and interact with customers to the products and services we offer.

Ever since its foundation, the Poyraz Group has pursued business activities in several main segments, including shipping and maritime safety,  through its operating companies.

We make it our mission to build maritime products for all of our customers by providing top-quality  services in each of these business segments.

You are at the centre of everything we do and we will work tirelessly towards ensuring that we
meet and exceed your expectations in a fair and responsible way.

The Poyraz Group will continue working together as one to take on new challenges while living up to your trust and expectations.